We do the math, so you can make your next big decision count.

SolvedByData Delivers World Class Analytics + Data Science


While even the most robust analytic software solutions available deliver a kitchen sink of reports and fancy metrics, they lack the #1 thing you’re looking for  – the expert analysis to propel your strategy forward.
We translate your data – giving your customers a clear voice.

We maximize the profitability of your decision making.

We specialize in unlocking the power of a virtually untapped resource – your Data!

We deliver data insights.

We make your next big decision count. 


The focus of our work is deciphering what consumers are already saying in the data they leave behind, and mining that data to determine how they will behave in the future. Our unique forecasting methodologies “listen” to a consumers behavior; attributing their online activity to offline activities, and vice versa. We translate your data –  giving your customers a clear voice.

Delivery mediums range from presentations to printed reports, and from detailed analytics source code to executive level data insights methodology overview. We work within your existing data infrastructure to bridge your potential data gaps – developing cutting edge dashboards tailored to your businesses. That’s just the beginning.

We pride ourselves in going above and beyond mechanical analytic reporting. We transform mountains of your data into the invaluable actionable insights you’ll need to dramatically impact your bottom line.

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